Meet The Team

At Lollar Pickups, we're obsessed with tone. Our mission is to create the highest quality pickups so you can match the sound in your head and express your unique musical vision.
Meet the Team:  Jason Lollar
Jason Lollar
Meet the Team:  Kevin Mo
Kevin Moe
Production Manager
Meet the Team:  Topher Farrell
Topher Farrell
Technology & Purchasing Manager
Meet the Team:  Stephanie Lollar
Stephanie Lollar
Chief Financial Officer
Meet the Team:  Steve Hunter
Steve Hunter
Quality Manager
Meet the Team:  Jimmy Davis
Jimmy Davis
Customer Service Manager
Meet the Team:  Austin Patterson
Austin Patterson
Customer Service
Bob Reed
Customer Service
Meet the Team:  Jay Tichy
Jay Tichy
Logistics Manager
Kenin DeForrest
Customer Service
Meet the Team:  Jordan Hudak
Jordan Hudak
Pickup Builder
Meet the Team:  Jacob Roman
Jacob Roman
Pickup Builder
Meet the Team:  Terra Myers
Terra Myers
Pickup Builder
Meet the Team:  Kevin Leonard
Kevin Leonard
Quality Assurance
Meet the Team:  Seth Meyers
Seth Myers
Pickup Builder
Taiga Dinger
Pickup Builder
Richard Valenta
Pickup Builder
Greg Eberlein
Pickup Builder
Meet the Team:  Mac
Support Specialist
Meet the Team:  Sandra O'Reilly
Sandra O'Reilly
Administrative Staff